Earth & Sky

An enchanting and elegant Cambodian culture experience

Earth and Sky will take you on a magical journey through Cambodian mythology, ancestral traditions and village life.

After paying respect to the spirits of the dance, our story begins with the creation of the Universe and the birth of celestial Apsara, one of the treasures to come out of the Churning of the Ocean of Milk.

Centuries later, in a land called Cambodia, the villagers gather for their daily activities. The villagers dance Kour Angre to celebrate the harvest, but when they go to quench their thirst they realize there is a drought. So the villagers ask the King to have the ritual dance Moni Mekhala performed to pray for rain: the victory of the goddess over the giant provokes a thunderstorm. After rain falls, life reemerges in Cambodia and a variety of animals come out to celebrate, among which monkeys, peacocks and deer. When fish surface from the water, other animals try to catch them.

The villagers then perform the fishing dance Robam Nesat: where there is water there are fish, and where there are fish there is life. As all the villagers leave, musicians continue to celebrate life with a Chhayam Drum Dance, known for improvised call and response singing. Traditionally performed by men only, female drummers also join them.

In a feeling of joy and togetherness, the musicians call for all the artists to come back on stage for the finale dance which includes the art of Bokator, Cambodian boxing.

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