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Cambodian Living Arts – NGO

Experience Cambodian Living Arts is a program of Cambodian Living Arts, a not for profit organisation that supports emerging artists, learning and leadership programs and other arts projects. To learn more about Cambodian Living Arts please visit www.cambodianlivingarts.org

Cambodian Living Arts’ Mission

Cambodian Living Arts’ mission is to be a catalyst in a vibrant arts sector, inspiring new generations.


a program of


Our Team


LY Vathana (Sales & Marketing Coordinator), VY Lengcheng (Production Coordinator), CHANN Sovorn (Sales & Marketing Consultant), CHHUON Sarin (Enterprises Manager), CHHIN Vaneoun (Senior Sales & Marketing Coordinator), POK Sarith (Facilities Coordinator), ROEUN Rina (Senior Production Coordinator), THY Ravuth (Sales Consultant)

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