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Cambodian Living Arts – NGO

Experience Cambodian Living Arts is a cultural enterprise that provides audiences with captivating and enriching experiences of Cambodian arts, and also creates uplifting employment for artists. This enterprise is a program of Cambodian Living Arts, an organization that has been working for 20 years to support the arts sector here, and to give artists and others in the cultural sector the resources, training, & support they need to write the stories of contemporary Cambodia. To learn more about Cambodian Living Arts please visit www.cambodianlivingarts.org

Experience Cambodian Living Arts’ Mission:

To build a profitable and sustainable model that:

– Fulfills audiences’ demand for captivating and enriching experiences of Cambodian arts and culture

– Creates uplifting employment opportunities for artists

– Provides resources and participates in arts development through CLA’s dedicated program


a program of


Our Team


CHHUON Sarin – Enterprise Manager, ROEUN Rina – Senior Production Coordinator, CHHIN Vanoeun – Senior Sales & Marketing Coordinator, LY Vathana – Sales Coordinator, PHOK Sarith (Sok) – Facility Coordinator, SAMRETH Vannak – Sales Executive, VY Lengcheng – Production Coordinator, MOM Dany – Sales Agent, SAM Propey – Assistant Facility Coordinator, YORN Maliya – Sales Agent, SANG Sreypich – Production Intern, MOL Phirum – Usher, SAN Mouyly – Usher, PING Sreynoch – Usher

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