Art Workshops

Immerse yourself in Cambodian art forms with one of our Arts Workshops.
Interact with local artists and get personal insight into the culture of Cambodia.

Unique opportunity to learn about the history and culture of Cambodia and to get to know it’s people through the lens of the arts.

Fun & Interactive workshops available in Dance, Music and Shadow Puppetry.

Customized lessons also available for those who wish to focus more deeply on a particular art form.

Contact us to find out more and book your experience

Meet local artists, and learn more about the background of your chosen art form.
Be mesmerized as the artists perform the art form, and demonstrate the movements.
Try on a traditional Cambodian costume (kben) and imagine yourself performing on stage as a Cambodian artist!
Learn directly from the artists, and then share what you have learned at the end of the workshop.
Enjoy a variety of local snacks whilst chatting with the artists and members of the Cambodian Living Arts team.


Dance is a very popular and greatly revered art form in Cambodia.  During a dance workshop, the artists will introduce and demonstrate the various forms of dance. Select the style that interests you most (Classical, Folk, Social), then learn the steps in more detail before trying out your moves!

Live music accompaniment included.


The music of Cambodia is derived from a mesh of ancient cultural traditions. At the start of each workshop, a variety of instruments will be presented such as the roneat (xylophone), khloy (flute), and troy (two stringed fiddle).

Select the instrument which interests you most, then work directly with the artist to learn how it is played.


A cultural art form thousands of years old and unique to Cambodia, Sbaek Thom (large shadow puppetry) has told the story of the Reamker, which depicts the balance of good and evil.

The artists will explain each of the main characters in the story and demonstrate each of their unique movements. Then it’s your turn to try!

A chanter is included for accompaniment.


Details coming shortly – please check back again soon.

Where: Phnom Penh or Siem Reap (other locations on request)

Dance, Music, Large Shadow Puppetry: Approximately 90 minutes
Small Shadow Puppetry: Approximately 3 hours

Price: From $18 per person, including drinks and Cambodian snacks

Workshops require a minimum of 4 participants.
Private Lessons are available for 1 or more participants.

Contact us to find out more and book your experience.


  • "Thank you for being so kind and patient throughout the workshop - explaining and translating everything for our students - I am sure they can now all remember the Apsara for life! 🙂 It has been our pleasure to have you and your team of artists to our Academy for the workshop. The past one week was such an enriching and fulfilling experience! Once again, thank you for this collaboration and I am hoping to meeting you again."

    Institute of Southeast Asian Arts Senior Research Executive, Institute of Southeast Asian Arts, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts - September 2016
  • Greetings from Happy Chandara School! I would like to thank you and your team on the behalf of the school for the great work you have been providing during the three weeks of activities and for the exceptional show you provided to us. I think we can all agree to say that this was a very professional work and our students learned a lot and had lots of fun thanks to your teachers."

    Happy Chandara School Project Officer, Educative Department, Happy Chandara School, Phnom Penh, September 2016
  • We wanted to send through a JUMP! Certificate of Appreciation, which barely scratches the surface of our gratitude for the time and effort you and the CLA crew put into the JUMP! program days. We know it takes a large toll on a small local NGO to host such a large number of students in an intense time period....Mary and I were personally inspired by the work of CLA and it was wonderful to work with you. Students highlighted the workshop as one of their favorite parts of the program.

    The JUMP! Foundation Southeast Asia Partnership Manager, The JUMP! Foundation, December 2016
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