Dance Workshop & Dance Show

Dance Show and Dance Workshop – An opportunity to be both the the artist and the audience in a single day!

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about our show, and our incredibly talented artists, this is the package for you! A unique opportunity to understand the meaning of Cambodian arts through a Dance Workshop in the afternoon, followed by the breathtaking, ‘Earth and Sky’ Dance Show in the evening. Read more…

Section A –  Adult $35 Child $20
Section B –  Adult $30 Child $15
Section C –  Adult $25 Child $13

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Exceptional standard of performance

“The dancers moved about with impeccable coordination and vivid expressions. With colourful costumes and enthusiasm, they portrayed the characters with ease.
The musicians were of very high standard too – providing live accompaniment to the dancers.”

Sibeh on TripAdvisor

Wonderful show and workshop!

“I went to the show, and really enjoyed it. As a dance lover, I appreciate this kind of shows. The dancers and musicians are so young and talented! I decided to take the workshop the next day and didn’t regret  it. Everything makes sense after the workshop, so I recommend you to sign up for it and the same night go to the show. However, if you go to the show first and sign up the after it you will get a discount. Only 10.5 usd for the workshop! You don’t need to be a dancer to take it. This is suitable for all levels. DO NOT MISS IT!!”

Nalgui Love on TripAdvisor

Show! Dance! Play Music!

“Our nursing group went to the CLA performance and it was amazing to say the least! It’s a dance not often seen or experienced in the US. It was fascinating to hear the various traditional musical instruments and see the live show with it. A couple days later our group returned to CLA for a dance and music workshop, and this was amazing! The dancers explained the various dances they perform and then taught us 2 dances! The cocconut dance and monkey dance! Afterwards we learned about the various instruments and played a song as a group. Definitely a place you want on your travel itinerary!”

laikennoble on TripAdvisor



You will spend 90 minutes getting to know more about the history of the some of the dances, while joining in this interactive workshop. Make sure you bring along a sense of humour, as there will be many laughs as you learn and participate in elements of the classical, folk and social dance.

After the workshop, you can take a short walk to Riverside and enjoy some sunset drinks while watching the world go by. You will be spoiled for choice with options for dinner and then make your way back to the National Museum for the show.

You will embark on a magical journey as our 30 dancers take you through Cambodian mythology, ancestral traditions and village life. With live music, stunning costumes and charming stories, ‘Earth and Sky’ is a delight to the senses for all ages!