A Private Workshop gives you, and your group, a unique, hands on experience.
You can customise your own workshop or class with the team, whether you would like a simple introduction to a new art form, or to deepen your knowledge of an art form you have some knowledge of.
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Discover and learn the fundamentals of Cambodian dancing with the artists

The workshop is a very relaxed and enjoyable way for everyone to learn and understand more about the history of the dances and have fun with the performers who will demonstrate and teach you some of the movements. Select the style that interests you most (Classical, Folk, Social), then learn the steps in more detail before trying out your moves!
Live music accompaniment included.


One of Cambodia's oldest traditional art forms

This art form is thousands of years old and unique to Cambodia, Sbaek Thom (large shadow puppetry) has told the story of the Reamker, which depicts the balance of good and evil.
The artists will explain each of the main characters in the story and demonstrate each of their unique movements. Then it’s your turn to try!
A chanter is included for accompaniment.


An integral part of traditional Cambodian culture

At the start of each workshop, the group will be presented with a variety of instruments such as the roneat (xylophone), khloy (flute), and troy (two stringed fiddle). You can select the instrument which interests you most, then work directly with the artist to learn how it is played. This is an exciting way to discover your hidden talents!